pending requests


Zestfully Clean

Rather Swedish

"Got Milk?"

killing evil a la Buffy or Xena

yoga fire

Cleptomanic necropheliac

Having That "Not So Fresh" Feeling

Sitting in a dentist chair as he pulls out your teeth, accidentally forgetting the novicane.


Schizophrenic joy

I would like to see decapitated

pyromaniac (i'm talking serious destruction here!)

Pimpin' Ain't Easy.

dropped the soap

What is it Lassie, trouble at the river?

drinking out of the wrong bottle

Baking brownies with a special ingredient.

i wanna see eric after he won an emmy for this site

just thought of the best idea ever known to human existence


Realizing you're attracted to Kathie Lee Gifford

Broken into a million piece zigsaw puzzle.

mmmmmmm...... good barbeque sauce

realisation that your autographed life size elvis doll has been stolen

Surfing Internet porn in a public computer lab

Pardon Me? do you have any grey poupon

something has gone teribly wrong with the toaster

i just peed myself!


sick of these gap commercials


Amatuer dentistry

Eric gets robbed after cashing in his winning lottery ticket

Imitation of Dr. Evil

Realizing too late that you're not a Superhero

WWF Superstar

An itchy itchy rash

Allergic to vertical blinds

PEZ Dispenser

Eric ducking after the horrible winged monkeys are coming to get him

Enraged thoughfulness

Cameo in the movie "Fight Club"

Stubbed your big toe on the coffee table!


Traveling through time

existentialist meaninglessness

Eric as white trash