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Here you'll find quotes and links to some of the places where this site has been mentioned. I don't really care about all this stuff (I like reading the guestbook and emails much better), but if you're interested in seeing an incomplete and rarely updated page about where this site has been, you've come to the right place. Why, this site's been around more than a <insert your own punchline here>.

(My favorite part is the international section. Those guys talk all funny and stuff.)

Italia OnLine
"E bravo Eric. A chiedergli perché lo fa devono essere stati in tanti, cosě ha pensato bene di scriverlo lui stesso."
Sunday Times
"While some may not be emotions per se, this is one guile-free individual's attempt to brighten up life for the rest of us."
Channel 5 TV
"ask Eric to do an emotion and he'll try and pull a face to fit it. What a nutter!"
"Eric stellt sich dem emotionshungrigen User mit seinem ganzen Körper zur Verfügung. Ein Segen für alle, die das im Kern stets gleiche Design der Emoticons satt haben."
Stern Magazine
"...griesgrämige Zeitgenossen werden sich irgendwann der Spaßkraft dieser wunderbar bescheuerten Website nicht entziehen können."
"Éric propose ses sourires les plus séduisants, ses chagrins les plus crocodilesques, ses séductions les plus fausses mais aussi des expressions touchant tous les cas de la vie courante."
Egyetemi Élet
"A magánszemélyek honlapja csak nagy ritkán tanúskodik némi fantáziáról, legtöbbször egy-két fotó az oldal készítőjéről és barátairól, egy csöpp szex és mp3 formátumban zene. Eric oldala teljesen más."
"Entre tanta emoción reflejada el internauta puede soltar más de una carcajada, como es el caso la emoción que Eric sufre si estuviera trabajando en una línea de soporte técnico..."
"Ah, y como novedad ahora también podés comprar la remera con la cara de Eric haciendo sus caripelas. El negocio da para todo, eh!"
Czech Republic
"Tento ceský preklad si klade za cíl tyto velmi zajímavé stránky zprístupnit také anglicky-nemluvícím serfarum a také umožnit poslat fotku Erica jako ePohlednici."
Planet Internet
"Eric est un jeune Américain qui ne manque pas d'imagination."
Blink Magazine "This simple, inventive site will make you smile."
Entertainment Weekly "He's been courted for jobs at flashy Silicon Valley companies, offered sexual favors by ardent women, and hailed as the next Jackie Chan/Jim Carrey."
Shift Magazine "Eric is happy. You can tell, because he's making a happy face."
Yahoo Internet Life "Eric, the Net's master of facial communication, takes request for any emotion you're having trouble with."
PC Magazine "Online comedians come and go, but Eric Wu has been emoting into his Web cam regularly since 1998."
Sacramento Bee "...put in a request for whatever mood you would like, and Eric, who works in Silicon Valley and really shouldn't have time for this sort of thing, will deliver the proper facial expression and body position."
Houston Chronicle "So while he's a pretty funny-looking guy, and his facial rendering of "Unctuous" may well leave you in stitches, he really earns the yuks when he breaks out his copy of PhotoShop and plays around with the pictures."
USA Today "In our popular please-!-get-a-life category: Somebody named Eric for some reason decided he should convey an emotion. (We're not responsible for your reactions.)"
Creative Loafing (Atlanta) "...Eric Conveys an Emotion is an absolute screaming riot!"
LA Times "Eric Conveys an Emotion showcases the innate evil of the digital camera. Eric, does your mother know you're doing this?"
Internet Tonight "It's a simple concept and Eric has the acting chops to pull it off and make it funny."
Bay TV (San Francisco)
MTV Europe
CNET Radio
KROQ - Kevin & Bean Show (Los Angeles)
KFOG (San Francisco)
Triple J (Australia)
Webby Awards Nominee in Humor Category - 2003
Yahoo Picks "...deep down, the real Eric is just a big softie." "Eric, a dashing young man with a very lithe and versatile face displays emotion after emotion prompted by the click of your mouse."
Comedy Central e-newsletter "Eric simulates all realms of human feeling at your request, including your expression upon first seeing his site. We're astonished!"
Kaliber 10K Design "Our favourite is 'being born'. Eric is our friend."